Smartworld adds SPL’s Cloud solutions to its portfolio.

Smartworld, the UAE leading systems integrator, have signed partnership deal with SPL Solutions to diversify the company’s portfolio and offer modernization & migration of complex and monolithic software applications to a cloud-native microservice architecture to its customers. 

Smartworld specializes in consultancy, design, implementation, maintenance, and operations of advanced technology solutions that accelerate digital transformation and enhance customer experience. Smartworld portfolio covers infrastructure solutionsICT solutionsSecurity solutionsELV solutionsAV solutionsEmerging Technologies and Cloud Solutions.

The partnership will address the cloud transformation challenges being faced, by speeding up the adoption of cloud re-platforming & refactoring approaches and automation of the implementation of a cloud-native microservice architecture. Many enterprises, across different verticals, have adopted the Shift & Lift as the fastest cloud migration approach and reduces the infrastructure’s technical debt. However, the application’s technical debt related to maintaining complex and un-modular (monolithic) code remains and makes the realization of the digital transformation strategy much more difficult. 

The new agreement with SPL Solutions allows Smartworld to add full range of solutions to its cloud portfolio, including software insight, application quality and migration assessments, micro-service identification and refactoring, and code governance toolset.

“We are glad to add SPL Solutions to our extensive offerings,” said Abdulqader Ali, CEO of Smartworld. “Teaming up with SPL Solutions will enable us to modernize legacy software to operate in a cloud infrastructure and automate most of the migration process, reducing cost and time.”

“We are delighted to have this strategic partnership with Smartworld, a leading digital transformation player in the UAE” said Salwa Alzahmi, CEO & Founder of SPL Solutions. 

“We are looking forward to expanding the UAE’s cloud migration offering through this partnership, and as such, supporting our region in adopting a more efficient cloud migration approach through microservice transformation, allowing customers to reduce technical debt and build a flexible and scalable digital infrastructure.

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SPL Solutions is a software maintenance platform that automates many of the steps required to upgrade legacy code. It delivers software code-based insights and provides migration services to new development platforms such as the cloud SaaS platform. Founder Salwa Alzahmi established SPL Solution in 2019. The startup was incubated at the Khalifa Innovation Center (KIC).

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