Khalifa Innovation Center (KIC) also provides office space, access to business networks, seed funding, and expertise to support entrepreneurs in their journey towards creating successful startups


Team + Idea/Research Discovery/Patent
Mentorship & Acceleration
Industy Collaboration & Investment Pitch
Entrepreneurship & Tailored Incubation
Day 1 Introduction & welcome to bootcamp Mindset Change & Innovation Evaluation & Scoping

To state clearly and precisely the Problem and the Solution that technology can provide

Day 2 Intellectual Property & Market Landscape

To identify the know how resources, potential stakeholders and customers as well as competitors related to the technology

Day 3 Technology Attributes & Proof of Concept Canvas

To fully assess suitability of the technology to act as a solution to the problem and be able to design appropriate prototype

Day 4 Technology to Market Roadmap & Business Model Canvas

To clearly state the business model and financial projections necessary to push technology to next steps but also to have 3 to 5 years projections

Day 5 Let Us Think Startup

In this part we will work together in finalizing a clear identity of the startup and hopefully have a brief presentation to represent it

Week 1 Awarness
  • Logo, hosting, email, business cards, team
  • Revisiting your value proposition
  • Legit Business
Week 2 Awarness
  • Problem & Solution Validation
  • Email, LinkedIn Outreach
  • Story Board, Problem oriented content
Week 3 Interest
  • Procurement Registered License, Bank Account
  • Customer Meetings, Traction testing
  • Go-to-Market. Marketing Brochure
Week 4 Interest
  • IP & Patents
  • Legal aspects, NDA
  • Compliance & Regulation
Week 5 Consideration
  • Founder & Shareholder Agreement
  • Product Demo
  • Solution Oriented Content
Week 6 Consideration
  • Holding Company
  • Traction testing
  • Digital Marketing plan, Solution Deck
Week 7 Intent
  • Operational License Financial Model
  • Budgetary Proposals
  • Pricing, Business Model Validation
Week 8 Evaluation
  • IP Transfer and Royalty
  • Pilot
  • Solution Validation
Week 9 Purchase
  • Legal Contract Templates, T&C
  • Commercial Proposals Contract Signing
  • Press Releases, Customer testimonials
Week 10 Post Purchase
  • Support Agreements
  • Customer Satisfaction survey
  • Business Model Validation
Week 11 Interest
  • Financial Forecast
  • Scaling sales engagements
  • Pitching & Ask
Week 12 Interest
  • Valuation & CAP Tables
  • Customer Satisfaction survey
  • Investor deck
Support Services
and Facilities

Mentorship & Advisory In-house entrepreneurs and advisors from different sectors will be available to provide strategic advice tailored to each company’s business needs and requirements.

Access to funding The right type of capital is provided at different stages in the startup’s lifecycle to ensure success. The center’s ecosystem provides such capital through access to key funding entities such as government agencies, crowd-funding, investors, VC’s and angels.

Seminars & Entrepreneur Workshops Events such as seminars, workshops, talks from expert speakers and existing startup CEOs will be organized to support entrepreneur training.

Resources Offices, hot desk areas, hubs, collaborative spaces, conference rooms are provided within the center.

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