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Promoting innovation, research and development

Khalifa Innovation Center is an innovative incubation center that supports high tech/high impact start-ups, new and improved products that are nurtured and brought to the market.

Khalifa Innovation Center was launched as a center of excellence to boost the Emirati industry. This directly supports the UAE 2021 vision of transitioning into a knowledge-based economy, promoting innovation, research and development.

What we do
Improve the UAE’s worldwide competitiveness in innovation

The Khalifa Innovation Center provides a range of services to help turn your invention into a successful business. This includes investment, mentorship and coaching, free office space, access to business networks and more.

Our work will compliment government efforts in position the UAE as one of the most innovative countries in the world and assist the nation in achieving a number of goals including:

Job creation
Fostering community entrepreneurial climate
Technology commercialization
Diversifying local economies
Building and accelerating growth of local industry clusters
Business creation and retention
Identifying potential spin-in and spin-out business opportunities
Community revitalization (Points/visuals)

To become the prime driver of the high tech, high impact innovation ecosystem in the UAE.

The strategy to make our vision a reality,
  • Make available all necessary support required to create and sustain start-ups.
  • Deliver the benefit of a diversified knowledge ecosystem to the UAE as described in the Abu Dhabi 2030 plan and the UAE 2021 plan.
  • Increase the competitiveness of the UAE by increasing patent applications, start-ups and licensing.
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